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Class 10th Sample Paper

Class: 10th
Sample Paper of G. English

                     Section A: Reading

Q1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end.
"Bholi was the fourth daughter of Ramlal. When she was ten month old, she had fallen off the cot on her head and perhaps it had damaged some part of her brain. That was why she remained a backward child and came to be known as Bholi. At birth she was very fair and pretty. But when she was two year old, she had an attack of small-pox. Only the eyes were saved, but the entire body was permanently disfigured by deep pockmarks."

1. What is the name of the writer of the above passage?

2. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Bholi damaged some part of her brain when ………..

(ii) Bholi was very fair and pretty ……..

(iii) Her entire body was permanently disfigured because of ………………

(iv) The passage is narrated in .............. person narration.

Q2. Read the following lines carefully, answer the questions and then complete the summary given below by filling in missing words/phrases

"Let me not ever chant the sleep-inducing tales;
Let me sing the songs which infuse life into the dead.
Let me sing of that inspires people with love,
And causes all bitterness and hatred to vanish,
You brought me to bloom with the earliest vernal breeze;
Let not the burning heat of summer wither me grey.
Like dew, how long shall I wait for the first flash of the sun?
Awaken me with the flowers in the first stroke of the dawn."

1. Name the poet of the above poetic lines?

2. What type of song does the poet want to sing?

3. Identify the simile used in the above lines?

The poet wants to remain.........all his life. He does not want to sing such tales which can make one .......... He prays to keep him up and coming always. He wants to sing only such songs which can .......... life even in dead. The poet says that it was ...........who filled his heart with the freshness of the earliest spring breeze.

Q3. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end.

Food can maintain and save life. It can destroy life as well. Proper food serves as medicine, improper food works as poison. A little care about the quality and quantity of food will keep us healthy and happy. If we go about eating all sorts of things, we shall become sick.
We take pride in calling ourselves civilized. Being sensible means to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. It will not do to become slaves to our tongue or taste. Even cattle, birds and beasts eat only what is best for their body.
We mostly eat processed food and refined sugar. We pay heavily for junk food, for Chinese dishes or deep fried snacks. As a result we catch diseases. We have drifted away from mother nature. We laugh at the rules of hygiene, healthy diet and the advice of our elders. This has given rise to diabetes.
We offer chocolates, cakes and ice creams too often to our children. We also attend parties or dine out every day. This way we invite obesity and diabetes.


(a) What does food do?

(b) What is meant by ‘improper food’?

(c) What is the past participle form of the verb 'catch' used in the passage.

(d) Name two foods responsible for obesity?

(e) Find words from the passage that mean the same as:

    (a) being fat (b) cleanliness

                 Section B: Literature

Q1. Answer the fillowing questions:

1) How is a sermon different from a lecture?

2) In which language was the 'Diary of Anne Frank' originally written ? What does Anne write in her first essay?

3) Explain third-person narration with reference to the story The Necklace?

4) What is a Simile? What are the similes used in the poem Prayer?

Q2. What are the images used in the following poetic verses.

"Look there in that smithy;
It's red oven, fierce flames
The padlocks are already opening their mouths
And each fetter is skirting around."

                 Section C: Grammar

Q1. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error (verb/ prepostion/ pronoun/ article/etc) in each of the lines. Write the correct word in the blank provided, remember to underline the incorrect word.

In British days, India was knowing ____________
like a country of Maharajas, ____________
snake-charmers and beggars. A first ___________
two species is almost extinct, ____________
beggars are surviving perhaps on adopting______
Darwins’s theory of survival.

Q2. Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentences.

(a) can kill/ electric shock/an

(b) in/ every year/ people/ this way/ die

(c) can kill / even/ of current /a small / amount

(d) of electricity /water / an excellent conductor / is

(e) perspiring / therefore / when wet / never touch /live wire / a / or

Q3. Change the narration of the follwing:

1. She asked me, "Which is your favourite mobile phone?"

2. "She has helped a lot of people in her childhood", said the teacher to the students of class 10th.

Q4. Supply appropriate articles:

1. We bought ______ dozen apples today. They are _____ yummiest apples.

2. Mom baked ___ cake last night. ___ cake was delicious.

Q5. Fill in the blanks with suitable homophones:

1. His idea is starting to ........... fruit. (bare/bear)

2. The hat......your eyes. (compliments/complements)

        Section D: Writing Skills

Q1.Read the following conversation between Kais and Zaid.

Zaid : Hello! Is it 23967509?

Kais : Yes, please. Who are you talking please?

Zaid : May I talk to Thomas, please? I am his friend.

Kais : Oh! Sorry. In fact he isn’t at home. He will be back in an hour. By the way, I am his brother. Can I do anything for you?

Zaid : Oh. Sure. In fact I have a message for him. Could you please tell him?

Kais : Sure, with pleasure. Tell me, please.

Zaid : Today we have planned to go to a movie at VR, Anantnag in the evening. We have booked a ticket in advance. So please ask Thomas to join us at 5pm at the VR.

Kais : OK, I'll inform him as he comes back.

As Kais has to leave for his coaching classes, write a message on his behalf in not more than 50 words. Put the message in a box.

Q2. You are Faheem/Faika of Teachers' Colony, Srinagar. Write a letter to the Mayor of your city seeking a solution to the problem of waterlogging in your area.

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